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Welcome to Boardgame Stuff! 

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We, Steven Ziegler and Nicolas Hascher, are the founders of Boardgame Stuff, a company specializing in improving the board game experience of every player. Although our company was founded in 2021, our passion for board games began in 2017.


As passionate board players, we were always looking for ways to improve the gaming experience and store our game material effectively and clearly. After we had tried a lot, we found a solution: Chamäeleon Boardgame Trays.


We have invested a lot of time and effort to develop the ideal accessory for board players. One of us has designed the Chamäleon Boardgame Trays on iPad, and the other has then printed them with a 3D printer. We tested and improved our ideas until we had created the optimal product.


Our goal was that all board players have access to our accessories, whether they have a 3D printer or not. That is why we decided to finance the project from our own pocket. We believe that each player should have access to helpful board game accessories.


We are proud to present our Chamäeleon Boardgame Trays and look forward to developing further helpful products for board players in the future.



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