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Scope of delivery: Chamaeeleon Bowl white, 1 piece
Manufactured in China by LongPack Games


Modular pluggable bowls for board game resources - Patented design
Quick & easy to plug in
Modular construction
round edges
perfect size
High & stable quality
96 x 93 x 24mm
    You can use our CHAMÄELEON board game bowls for really every board game. Thanks to the plug-in connection, they can be arranged as desired, which means that they can be perfectly adapted to any situation on the gaming table. The bowls are suitable for every type of resource!


    Thanks to the CHAMÄELEON system, the bowls can be put together very easily and quickly and finally ensure order on the table.
    Beschreibung Steckverbindung


    Due to the plug connection, there are many ways to plug them together and can therefore be used very flexibly.
    Schälchen im Einsatz in verschiedenen AusführungenSchälchen im Einsatz in verschiedenen Ausführungen

    Relocation without chaos

    Changing the structure while playing and moving certain bowls is also not a problem, since you can lift and move several bowls even when they are full.

    round edges

    When designing and testing the bowls, we placed particular value on the rounded edges. Thanks to this, the resources can be removed without getting stuck. Like an inverted water slide, the resources slide from bottom to top into the players' fingers.  

    size and quality

    Height: 24mm
    Length: 96mm
    Width: 93mm
    Thickness: 1.8mm
    The CHAMÄELEON board game bowls are of high quality and are very stable thanks to a thickness of 1.8mm. Measuring 96x93x24mm, they are the perfect size for the amount of resources used in most board games. We already have two more sizes planned for the future so that you are prepared for every game situation.


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